Glowcoco Windbreaker - Rainbow Reflective

Glowcoco Windbreaker - Rainbow Reflective

Glowcoco Windbreaker - Rainbow Reflective

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Windbreaker Features:

  • U.S. size guide
  • 3 layered special fabric made from polyester, resin, and glass that creates an amazing reflection with our without a flash
  • Ultra-quality seam-sealed zippers and edges making it highly water-resistant for any condition
  • Unique high-visibility characteristics so you can be seen
  • Perfect for FestivalsClubbing or just for taking pictures.
  • Shine bright everywhere you go
  • Get FIRE photos with your friends
  • Completes any outfit
  • Super cozy design
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 30 day warranty

Dichroic "squid ink" fabric inspired by 500+ million years of evolution.

Squids' skin is one of the most complex and unique biological materials on this planet. While most creatures with color-changing ability do it to hide, squids do it to attract. Which is where the inspiration for Glowcoco's clothing came from.

Our fabric is stealthy, until you don't want it to be. The fabric is a mellow gray/black, and then when the light hits it just right, it comes to life and looks like it's from another dimension.



Q: Are these real? A: YES! They're real. In light and especially with your camera flash on, the material comes to life and reflects in a very unique way making it look like it's from another dimension with extremely vibrant colors. It's crazy cool!

Q: What does it look like without the flash off? A: Have you ever seen an oil spill in a parking lot? It's like that- a mellow rainbow-y color with mild reflections. The material is a dark gray as well.

Q: Can you wash this material? A: Yes you can. Just be gentle. Hand washed is preferred to keep your clothing and material pristine.

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Glowcoco Windbreaker - Rainbow Reflective


Aight my bad glowcoco lol I don’t keep up on email but everything is exactly as it’s pictured. Got the wind breaker and the shorts both shine bright as fuck lol even when walking around under like a street light or car lights it lights up. Satisfied

Perfect for riding

I use my jacket riding on my OneWheel daily. Living in the city of San Diego it is nice to be able to be seen at night on all the city streets. I love my GlowCoCo jacket!

Tool forever Totally worth it

I love the suit! So happy I bought THIS!


Glowcoco Windbreaker - Rainbow Reflective

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